Basin Wire

Quality Control

What sets Swampmesh Wire apart from the rest is quality control. To ensure that every roll is top notch, we check every stage of the production with strict measures. Whether it is the raw materials, wire weaving, the galvanization process, or the PVC coating, we make sure that you will have a wire that will work and last. 

19 Gauge Hex Mesh

We use only 19 gauge wire with a super thick PVC coating that makes our traps last. You can rest assured you can use them for more than just a few seasons. Our wire is heavy and stiff so the traps will not fold or bend like other wire when you have to clear the bottom. You can leave the nails at home because our traps stay shut.....

Pre-Made Traps

Are you tired of having to spend days making your own traps? We have local fisherman who have been doing making traps their whole lives working all year round. When the crawfish bite and you need traps in a hurry, we've got you covered.