Many times suppliers will use smaller, cheaper materials and then advertise it as 19 gauge, having measured it after the PVC coating. We sell only “true” 19 gauge wire measured before galvanization and PVC coating. This ensures that all our products are reliable and have the durability that is needed to last for many years.

Light-----“When you need as many traps as soon as possible”
Our Light Duty mesh is perfect for when quantity matters. The more traps you get out there, the more crawfish you catch. It’s also ideal for when the bottom is soft. It is light enough so that it won’t get stuck too far in the mud, yet heavy enough to survive all conditions and last for years. And all at a price that simply can’t be beat!!
Medium----“Balance at its Finest”
Our Medium Duty mesh is the most versatile among our wires. Having just the right combination of PVC density, wire diameter, and Zinc coating, this wire is designed to handle any of the changing conditions with ease.
Heavy---“The meanest, toughest wire on the planet”
When you need the absolute best, look for our Heavy Duty mesh. Produced with the highest quality steel, double to triple dip galvanized, and the highest density PVC coat possible, not even Katrina could destroy this wire. For when quality matters the most…
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