“Most people who crawfish couldn’t tell you how to produce the wire, but they can sure tell you whether it will fish well or not. So we will show you how it’s produced and then when you see and feel it, you can tell us how great it is!!!”
Raw Materials
We use only the highest grades of steel and iron in our wire mesh. This ensures that it is not only long-lasting but has the proper combination of stiffness, flexibility, and “bounce”.
Our wire is woven into ¾ inch hexagonal mesh with the strictest monitoring to ensure that there are no tears or distortions in the mesh.
Dipping it into a vat of molten Zinc 2x to coat it then galvanizes all of the mesh. This protects the wire in the water from rust and corrosion that can damage it.
PVC coating
Finally it is double-dipped into melted PVC to give it the final coating. We use only the best quality PVC with the correct density to make sure that it is not only protected from the elements, but also has the correct properties for the correct fishing conditions.

There are many different ways to cut costs on making wire. Everything from the quality of the steel and PVC, to the processes of galvanization, even the actual weaving of the wire can be altered to lessen the costs. Make sure you know exactly what you are buying before you take the time and effort to build all those traps.

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