1. Light Duty-----“When you need as many traps as soon as possible”
2.Medium Duty-----“Balance at its finest”
3. Heavy Duty-----“The meanest, toughest wire on the planet”

Commercial crawfish and crab fisherman depend on durable, long-lasting wire to build their traps. The swamps can be an extremely unforgiving place. After years of fishing and experimenting with different types of mesh, we have produced a wire that will exceed all of your expectations. Having been made out of the highest quality materials and produced in our factory overseas,our wire is designed for those who want great quality at a reasonable price. Put simply, our wire just can’t be beat. It doesn’t matter whether the current is running or still, whether the water level is high or low, or whether the bottom is soft or hard, we have the right wire for the right conditions. To be completely honest it’s not even fair, the crawfish don’t stand a chance…

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